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When reserving our venue, please consider the following:

Does your DJ or band have their own sound system: DJ's should bring all of their own equipment.  If you do not have a DJ, we do offer complimentary blue tooth speakers with each rental upon request.

Will you have food on site: If you will have food at your event, please remember that all food must be catered by someone with a sanitation license. 

Ticketed Event: All events that require admission must register with or similiar online ticket purchasing website. The event must have advanced ticket sales. Security is required for all events with ticket sales.  

Alcohol: The Atrium provides the bar tender and manages the bar. There is no outside alcohol allowed in the venue. Anytime the bar is open, there will be a bar guarantee. The amount depends on which room you reserve. This policy is strictly enforced and violators will be asked to leave with no return.

Weddings: We strongly recommend for couples to book the full venue. During your tour, make sure you have your questions prepared so that we can make sure that our venue works for your vision of what your special day will be. 

Fashion Shows: We only book the full venue for fashion shows or events that require models and/or wardrobe changes.

Decorating: We offer decor for all events booked at the Atrium. You can also choose to have your own decorator.  Each reservation includes a free hour of setup time. Please ensure that your decorator is aware of the setup time and how much time they will have.  If additional time is needed, we provide reduced rate additional hours for setup/breakdown.  This is always contingent on the venue's other scheduled events.  Also, please make sure all decorating restrictions are communicated to your decorator upon booking the venue.

Teen/Sweet 16 Parties: All teen events must have security. Fee is paid at the client's expense.